logo 2008

Mara Kesh Select, my first company, was one of the pioneer to introduce Argan Oil skincare and haircare products in America. The company’s mission was to help Moroccan women living in the South of Morocco, to improve their independence and their quality of life. We aimed for excellence, and strived to provide our customers with the best value by seeking the highest Argan quality products.


At Mara Kesh Select, we made sure that quality control was implemented to ensure a superior quality for all our products. It included high-end technologies, professionalism of the employees at every level of the process, traceability of the ingredients, lab tests and certifications. The basic goal of our control quality process was to ensure that our products, services, and processes provided meet superior requirements and are satisfactory. In addition, we constantly tested our products, services, and processes for a better level of quality. We placed great value on honesty and clarity. We were committed to building strong, and lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers founded on trust and mutual benefit. We believed in our strength, in our ability to listen to our customers’ needs, and help them find solutions.  Most importantly, we found meaning and motivation in what we did, and were proud of our work.