logo 2008

Mara Kesh Select, my first company, was one of the pioneer to introduce Argan Oil skincare and haircare products in America. The company’s mission was to help Moroccan women living in the South of Morocco, to improve their independence and their quality of life. We aimed for excellence, and strived to provide our customers with the best value by seeking the highest Argan quality products.



 Purolea 2013

Eco Beauty Wholesale was my second company, and the logical evolution of Mara Kesh Select's purpose. While I had developed my own line of Argan products with Mara Kesh Select, I was suddenly submerged by a wave of Amazon brand owners who wanted me to help them create their own line of Argan oil products. With that in mind, I decided to develop preventative and rejuvenating skincare and haircare solutions, formulated around the luxurious Moroccan Argan oil.


Purolea 2016

PurOlea Cosmetics Lab was meant to be a private label company specialized in the manufacturing of organic skincare and haircare products. Our mission was to be the main resource to most organic and natural cosmetic brands.


Purolea 2017

PurOlea is now heading full gears, focusing on its main strength; Copacking Cosmetics and Warehousing Solutions.